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Conflict in polls? Should Texas secede?

While my wife and I was web surfing a few local websites we noticed on ( this story ) had a poll saying “Should Texas secede?” As of this publication with 2,498 votes in a huge number of 86% of people voted YES. I felt great about being a Texan, no matter what anyone else thinks Texas does have the option to leave the union. The people know it and feel good about having the option and I feel polls like this show the people will do it if DC¬† gets out of hand.

However, then the propaganda war starts. On Drudge Report today the top headline was “POLL: 75% OF TEXANS WOULD VOTE TO STAY IN USA” which linked to ( this story ).

Now having been born in Houston, Texas and having lived in Texas all of my life I’d have to consider myself Texan for sure. I have a problem with anyone telling Texans what they can and can’t do when it comes to “The Union”. I honestly believe that most Texans do want out of the union because DC has flew the coop in my view and it started a long time ago.

When I see “polls” like drudge report posts only a day after the big ABC13 poll one has to ask; which one more closely shows the view of the people. I’d have to say this; Texans are not afraid of leaving the union. I’d have to say Texas and Texans are the most independent people you can find in these States United.

At this point in history starting even with Bush doing bailouts then Obama bailing out everyone I’d have to say who would want to be apart of this? Texas rejected the bailout money but I have a funny feeling we will pay for it regardless.