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Christians need your help in Pakistan

I have come in contact with Pastor Yousif Nishan Masih who is the founder of Prayer Ministry International Pakistan. They are located in Islamabad/Rawalpindi area of Pakistan (see map) and after my emails with him the situation in Pakistan is very grim.

Pastor Yousif Nishan has told me a few things that are taking place in Pakistan. Now I tell you this because I believe many Christians here in the states do not realize just how bad the rest of the world is becoming for Christians. I hope that this report is a wake up call to Christians who would like to help.

From his last email Pastor Yousif Nishan tells us in his own words that being a Christian in Pakistan is tough and depressing and getting worse by the day. He’s reporting that Churches are burned to the ground and that Pastors and lay servants of the Lord are beaten, put in jails and killed in jails. That the young and old alike live under constant threat of discriminatory laws.

Christians are shot to death on false and unjust accusations by the will of mobs. That no Christians have the feeling of safety and that the future for them looks very bleak.

At this point of reading Pastor Yousif Nishan I thought to myself would I have faith that strong to live in an area of the world with so much hate towards Christians. We are only starting to see it here in the USA.  We Christians here in the states have very small issues compared to the kinds Pastor Yousif Nishan faces day to day. We are in a truly blessed nation and most spiritually mature Christians here in the states know why. Pastor Yousif Nishan has not asked for a single thing only that you pray for him, his flock and his ministry. But there is no way I’m about to stop there and I hope some of you will join GJCN is helping this small Christian ministry in Pakistan.

Pastor Yousif Nishan continues in his email with that he himself has faced many troubles. That he founded his independent church ministry to do nothing more than share the Gospel, love and Jesus Christ in a part of the world that badly needs it.

I have setup a dedicated area here on for Global Ministries, and then made an area for Prayer Ministry International Pakistan referred to as PMI Pak.

I have asked Pastor Yousif Nishan to send me detailed reports of what is going on over there and to share more information about his work and ministry. In this area of GJCN I will be reporting as he updates me the events taking place and personal updates. 

Pastor Yousif Nishan told me in his own words…

“Thanks for your kind concern. At times  thoughts crossed my mind that there is so less love and concern left in this present world among brethren but your inquires proved me wrong. I thank you once more.I give thanks to The Lord Jesus for you.”

All that I did was ask the Pastor what was going on and how life was. Well, I’m not about to stop there. I just witnessed Eric Hovind raise $380,000 to save the CSE ministry land so I know the Lord God is working in powerful ways that I don’t think the world has seen before.

So with that said, I am gathering many Christian leaning and teaching books from our Church to send to him, I’ve also thought about starting a fund to support this Pakistan ministry. Right now, I’m setting up a fund for for PMI-Pakistan, if you would like to donate to Pastor Yousif Nishan PMI-Pakistan please use the donate link on on the middle left of the website. In the PMI area of GJCN I will soon have a link to donate directly for the Ministry.

Please pray for Pastor Yousif Nishan and his Ministry, Prayer Ministry International Pakistan.

More updates coming very soon. Please feel free to email me if you’d like to have his email to send him your love, prayers and supporting emails.