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Update from Islamabad, Pakistan

On September 23, 2009 a middle aged Christian lady came crying into the PMI-Pakistan office. When we questioned her, she sobbed and explained that she was a widow with seven young children to look after. She has been working in a Muslim home as a domestic servant and it had been a real struggle to feed her family on a day to day basis. Now her employer is accusing her of a large theft.  She says it was a plot only to deny paying her wages. She was severely threatened that if she ever asked for her wages she would be tried for theft and put in prison. 

PMI-Pakistan Pastor Yousif Nishan and others prayed with the lady and consoled her. They are doing everything within their means to help the lady by the grace of Almighty God.

Today, September 24th, 2009 a man arrived to Pastor Yousif Nishan’s home looking sad and worried, The Pastor welcomed him into their home and the man explained that he was an office employee having a family of eight. Recently he witnessed about Jesus Christ to his Muslim colleagues because of that some others threatened him, abused him by beating him and successfully got the man fired from his job.

PMI-Pakistan Pastor told GJCN that they are trying to get the man a job and help by any means possible. Pastor Yousif Nishan asked me for all Christians to pray for these people and to pray for PMI-Pakistan and Pastor Yousif Nishan and his congregation. 

Many Christians in Pakistan are facing persecution Pastor Yousif Nishan has bravely by the Grace of God has been a shining light in the mist of what I would call one of the great Christian struggles of modern time. First let me explain the word persecution, the word itself means “a campaign to exterminate, drive away or subjugate a people because of their religion, race or beliefs”. This is exactly what is taking place in so many areas of the world today.  This is exactly what is going on in Pakistan.

I can not begin to tell you about the horror these Christians are facing in Pakistan. To try and explain the amount of hate and cruel violence these Christians are facing, not some long time ago but in today’s world. Well, I’m at a loss of words. Honestly I can’t even pretend to understand what these Christians are going though. They have witnessed things many of us Americans have never seen. But with all that is going on in the world, that could even change.

I am working with Pastor Yousif Nishan to get pictures of his ministry and setting up PMI-Pakistan area on GJCN, we are also building a website for the PMI-Pakistan ministry.

I will soon be sending a care package to Pastor Yousif Nishan PMI-Pakistan with letters of love and books and if possible money. If you would like to donate to PMI-Pakistan please use the donate button on GJCN or if you’d like me to include a letter from you please email it to me and I will print it out and include it. The letter is far more important right now along with Christian books.

The one thing the Pastor has asked of me the most is that they love knowing that at least other Christians 1. Know about them and the troubles they face and 2. You are praying for them. Please show your support for these Christians if by nothing else write up a letter for me to include with the package I’m going to be shipping to them soon. These Christians need your love more than anything else right now.

You can email me at if you’d like to email the Pastor directly please email me and I will give you his email address.

Please bookmark as we will be updating regularly with news from PMI-Pakistan.