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In case you missed it, Obama agrees with Helen Thomas

$400,000,000 US TAX DOLLARS are going going to the Gaza. The Palestinian Authority has to be excited. Where is Obama saying he stands by Israel? No no, let’s donate to the so called “Palestinians”. This is nothing more than Obama supporting the independent state of Palestine.

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I’m curious where did this $400 Million dollars come from? Who did Obama rob $400 Million from? I would love to know.

As History shows God’s truth every day, Obama in supporting the destruction of Israel might want to take lessons from other leaders who have went against Israel.

Helen Thomas hated the Bush administration (And Israel), Bush even put her in the back row once. However the irony that she loses her Job, Her Honorable Front Row seat, and leaves the white house in disgrace happened while her liberal buddy Obama was in office. But I guess that’s Bush’s fault too huh.