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Feb 1st, 2019

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Much changed in the last few years. One thing that’s been on my heart is how many of the real proclaimers and guys who teach property have passed away in recent years. Guys like Jack Kelly of, my dad in 2014 Jack Heckathorne who wrote so much commentary here and his amazing book that reached a lot of people, even some megachurch pastors who changed how they taught. To guys like Grant Jeffery and many others. Hal Lindsey is 89 years old now and still going. That kind of stuff has been heavy on my heart.

But then I think about it, and I see God bringing about a new generation of guys who will proclaim prophecy and watch closely to see what’s going on in the world. Old buddies of mine like Todd of or Chris or and still has an amazing group of people putting out great content. If you are looking, God has his euaggelion message going strong. God will always have his remnant that will proclaim the truth and the times. Just as God had the prophets before who told the truth, we proclaim the truths and show them historically that the yet future ones can be trusted. will continue by God’s grace. We will continue with related news with an eye towards things related to end times prophecy. We believe that 1948’s rebirth of Israel was the big sign from God that time is short for the Church. However you believe on end times prophecy, if you believe the rapture doctrine or not, everyone seems to know and feel that the time is short regardless and that the best thing we can do as Christians, in general, is to share the Gospel with someone. That’s what really matters. Doesn’t matter if you are pre-mid-post trib, you know time is short regardless and delivering the truths, the evidence God has revealed to show people that the Gospel can be trusted is what matters. As an old pastor friend of mine said. Life is short even at the longest.

See ya at next month’s .plan update. Selah