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EU-US agree to share citizens bank data

US President Barack Obama on Thursday praised a deal between the United States and the European Union to share banking data as a key tool in the fight against terror.

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1 comment to EU-US agree to share citizens bank data

  • tiliyeah

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    He was chumping down a hambergar..and hot dog.. so in other words you do as we say not as we do… and ..we the people say nothing.. like sheep to the slaughter..like little puppets.. than its the gallows.. but we must stay politically correct.shuuusss.we cant speak out because'' they be black..''..and dont doubt one moment that I wont be prosecuted for saying so- was it not said ,qoute..'' kill white babies,'' hate all cracker'', hate to the last iota? oh but he was a black panther so its ok.. but no white person can ever say those things…NO I am not a racist.. dont even go there.. i am an american who sees a conquering take over by this administration.. they have betrayed the the country are… coming down on all people.