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Obama believes that a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians could be achieved within his current term.

When asked whether he thought Netanyahu was the right man to strike a peace deal with the Palestinians, the U.S. President said that "I think Prime Minister Netanyahu may be very well positioned to bring this about," adding that Israel will have to overcome many hurdles in order to affect the change required to "secure Israel for another 60 years"

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He doesn’t know it yet, maybe he does, but he means 7 years 😉 Interesting part about this story is that they are now putting timeframes as to how long the peace would be. Wonder why Obama only said it would secure Israel for 60 years? As if it’s been secure in the past? Has Obama missed the last 60 PLUS wars Israel has been in?

They have been fighting for the right to exist President Obama do you believe Israel has felt secure for the past 60 years? To me, this is either how flawed and inexperienced Obama is or how arrogant he his.  In other words this was Obama saying that the past so called “security” is all Israel will ever see.  To me it’s arrogance. Maybe it’s foresight, you know Satan knows the Bible very well.