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1 Judge voids 7 Million Voters

ba-samesex_0502053120Prop. 8 judge strikes down same-sex marriage ban

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Homosexual marriage is a civil right? Not exactly, Homosexual marriage right in God’s eyes? Not so fast…  Can a Homosexual go to heaven? Read this…

First of all marriage is not a power invested by a state or nation. Marriage between a man and a woman is a covenant, a solemn promise between God, Man and Woman.

Consummating a marriage the act of sexual intercourse is also another way of “taking a wife” and the Bible will say “and he went and knew his wife” there has to be agreement between the man and woman for marriage.

Marriage can be as simple as a Man and a Woman agreeing before God to be married and then consummating that marriage before God. For it to be a marriage, there has to be agreement between the Man and Woman. If there is not then it is fornication and sex out side of the marriage vow is considered  fornication a form of prostitution. 

Christians do not need the state to become “married”. Nor a priest with said “power invested”. Since all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ are priests they can communicate directly with God, this means that the Man and Woman can by themselves enter into a Holy Covenant between them and God.   Isn’t the Age of Grace wonderful?

So we have Homosexuals believing they have a Civil Right to get married. I would ask by who? God or the State. You can guarantee they will say “by the state” because if they wanted it by God wouldn’t they do it the same way a Christian can?

This is about the State condoning the Homosexual lifestyle. It’s a way that they can use to force it on the people of this nation. By that I mean, they will want the Homosexual lifestyle taught in schools to children. They will want to make Christians teaching about Homosexual lifestyle as  evil a Hate Crime law. Should no one call it evil, then more will do it, or so they believe.

This isn’t about civil rights, this is about Homosexuals rather they know it or not pushing the homosexual lifestyle to something to be regarded as “main stream”. A right granted by whom? God or the State? I would say study again who the founding fathers of this great nation thought rights came from! God!

So what happens when a man wants to take a female child as a wife? Or a woman wants a 10 year old boy as a husband? Is it now a civil right as well? Man and 10 wives? Woman and 5 slave husbands?

Before you run off and call these things wrong or evil, wait a minute isn’t this exactly what the homosexuals are against you doing? They believe you don’t have a right to call the homosexual lifestyle evil, why would you or they have a right to call a 40 year old man with a 9 year old wife evil or wrong?

After all isn’t alterative lifestyles just that? Alterative to the way of the Bible after all?

After it is all said and done, this isn’t about making laws equal, this is about tearing down God’s law within this nation. Just another step towards kicking God out of this nation as they see it and this isn’t the first time in history this has happened to a nation. I’d also point out all nations that have went against God…  was destroyed.