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Alert: Terry Lakin Hearing on Friday, Aug 6, at Ft. Belvoir

3032473_f248This an arraignment to formally enter Terry’s plea. The hearing will last no longer than 30 minutes. This hearing precedes the formal courts martial which has not yet been scheduled.

This is a pubic hearing. However, there are established protocols and standards for behavior. Please read the following paragraphs carefully if you are planning to attend the hearing:

Courts martial are public hearings, and by law and custom all are welcomed to attend any proceeding. However, the rules for courts martial require strict formality during all proceedings, and prohibit among other things, reading, gum chewing, making any kind of noise, contacting the judge in any way and generally preclude any disruption or demonstration of any kind, either of support or of opposition to the court’s rulings.

We encourage LTC Lakin’s supporters to attend the hearing August 6th as well as all future hearings. While LTC Lakin would be pleased to meet and greet supporters afterwards, it is of the utmost importance that spectators show respect for the process and the court itself. The judge in this case is his superior officer, and if you attend the hearing you will see LTC Lakin accord her the deference and courtesy that all good soldiers show their superiors.

The best way to demonstrate support for LTC Lakin if you are attending is to pray for him, and after the hearing to speak with him. Demonstrations of any other kind are inappropriate, and will not be tolerated by the court. LTC Lakin’s reputation in the Army is of a good, even exemplary, soldier who has always shown his superior officers the respect and courtesy their rank and position demand. Please follow his example in the court room Friday and strictly observe the rules of decorum.


Ft. Belvoir, VA ( )
SJA/ Legal Assistance Office
9910 Lowen Rd.
Building 702 (Warehouse)
Ft. Belvoir, VA 22060

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Time: Friday at 11:00 am

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