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Christians need your prayers in Pakistan

6BCD6CFD-67F3-43E5-B8AA-AFDA1660C200_w527_sThis is an email from a Pastor in Pakistan


Thanks for your prayers. Things are very bad here after the heavy rains and floods. All most all of our congregations in the villages have lost everything, they are under the open sky and still waiting for the rescue and help from the government. Some of our associate pastors’ family memebers are missing, we do not know where they are or either they are alive or dead.

Please pray for the nation of Pakistan.

Please do what you can do for our people in this times of trials.

Looking forward to hear soon!

with prayers.

Pastor Emmanuel Roshan

w-pakistan-flood-cp-9142835I thought I would like to share this with the GJCN visitors and members as I know many of you can pray for these Christians in Pakistan. Please remember them in your prayers. Christians in Pakistan are in need of your support!

Brian “Sysop” Heckathorne