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Massive solar flare hitting late Feb 17th

X2_C2_comboA coronal mass ejection (CME) propelled toward Earth by the X2-flare of Feb. 15th should arrive during the late hours of Feb. 17th–that’s today. A moderately strong geomagnetic storm is likely when it arrives. High-latitude sky watchers should be alert for auroras after nightfall.

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I’ve done quite a bit of research on the solar cycles as related to earth history and what I found is that during the peak solar maximums of the 11 year cycle we have the most turmoil.

Many major wars and events have all been in sync to the solar cycles. Not that this is an exact science rather an observation of the history of the solar cycles as related to earth history.

From my study of past events sync’d with past solar cycle history, I believe it’s a telling sign of what we might have to look forward to. If that’s the case and the first awaking of the sun is to shoot a massive coronal mass ejection at earth what else will be coming in the near future? I believe the signs of the sun is the first of many to come (all at the same time) as we enter the end of the age.

Direst upon nations seems to be a major theme upon Muslim nations today. With all of them chanting the “War with Israel” song. I believe these types of events will continue and grow into a bigger movement, one towards the destruction of Israel as a independent nation.

Egypt has now kicked out the only leader which kept a peace with Israel and sold natural gas to Israel securing a border for Israel.  Which have already been blown up by terrorist and now the Muslim Brotherhood with it’s call for war against Israel just begs to take power and most likely will take power. Egypt with it’s very indecisive and non-professional military will at some point have to give power to the Muslim Brotherhood or face even more protests handled by the brotherhood itself. The protests going on in Egypt for the first part was in fact real, people wanting a change, but afterwards became powered by the radicals. Most of whom are not even Egyptian.

This all started with the tip of the solar cycle start. I believe as this solar cycle ramps up to it’s peak we will see larger events unfold and personally I believe even Israel defending herself very soon at the inability of the USA to help. Once the Muslims get the idea in their head that the USA can’t and won’t help Israel, it’s just a matter of time until they attack in masses. Maybe some kind of coalition against Israel? Iran has such a thing already in place and only now will the borders around Israel become hostile towards Israel just opening the way on all sides for this Muslim confederation to attack.

However it’s not going to be pretty for the Muslim confederation.  This confederation will be wiped out by the supernatural power of God defending Israel. 

Fasten your prophetic seat beats ladies and gents, what we are about to witness will be incredible.  If you are a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ you have nothing to worry about and should have your faith in Him to protect and provide for you. These things must take place first. Because just after such things, we are going to be evacuated out though the Rapture before this wrath of God hits earth but we will see the beginning signs just before just as we are now.

Keep looking up, keep in the study, keep your faith strong and keep in prayer for all believers!