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Two Giant Holes in the Sun

japan-sun-photoA Japanese spacecraft has spotted two huge holes in the sun – gateways for solar material and gas to spill out into space.

Scientists call the sun holes "coronal holes." They are gaps in the sun’s magnetic field which make a hole through the star’s super-hot outer atmosphere – the corona – allowing gas to escape, according to a NASA description.

Japan’s Hinode sun-watching satellite photographed the sun’s two coronal holes on Feb. 1. In the image, one coronal hole appears near the top center of the sun while another one – a polar coronal hole – is visible near the bottom of the view. 

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It is an awesome picture. I find it funny it’s not really making any major news media outlets. As you might know we have been in a deep solar minimum [see: Link1 Link2] and the sun seems like it might be roaring back to life maybe. At they are watching a behemoth sunspot number 1158 which is growing very rapidly. [see: video] This sunspot is “cracking” with C-Class solar flares pointed directly at earth.

The active region is now more than 62,137 miles wide with at least a dozen Earth-sized dark cores scattered beneath its unstable magnetic canopy. According to Earth-directed eruptions are likely within hours. What will be the outcome? No one knows absolutely for sure. It can do anything from knock out grids or knock out satellites. What you can be sure of is that this is exactly one of the signs in the sun. 

I normally like keep up with the sun and what is going on with it. Should I hear any updates I will post them here at