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Congress Ratifies Foreign style Obama Hitler coup

super-congressFrom the “your not going to like this, heck you won’t believe this” dept.

Aug. 2—With the fate of the U.S. republic hanging in the balance, 269 members of the House of Representatives, on Aug. 1, cast their votes for President Barack Obama’s copy of Adolf Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933, thus ratifying a measure that will, if implemented, rip up the American Constitution. Today, the Senate followed suit with a vote of 74 to 26, and sent the bill to Obama, who immediately signed it into law.

"This vote brings us that much closer to the imminent destruction of the United States," declared Lyndon LaRouche on the evening of Aug. 1. LaRouche is leading a major mobilization to stop Obama’s coup. "The people who voted for it have committed an act of treason on behalf of a foreign power, whether they knew it or not."

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Oh yes, this will never be abused, Change you can believe in…  yes, I do believe he’s right, the chains of bondage feel much better.


Sorry, I just had to get that out of my system …

Is it me, or does congress and recent presidents kind of just tell us how it’s going to be, rather than the people tell them? The scary part is the people just seem to say “ya ya, we are to busy giving chase to this dream”