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Scarlett Johansson asks you to Commit to Barack

sj1I wanted to make a quick mention of something that gave me some chills. Here is Scarlett Johansson who told the people to “Commit to Barack”. 

This hit me because the first thought was “mark of the beast” scenario the Bible predicts will take place in the Tribulation. The word they used hit me as odd, “Commit” so I thought I should look this up.

Well as it so happens the word Commit at means 1) to give in trust or charge and the 5th one said this 2) to entrust, especially for safekeeping; comment: to commit one’s soul to God.

Now I do not have knowledge of who the Anti-Christ is, because I believe he won’t be revealed until after the Rapture and that the believers at that time will have the knowledge from the bible to ID the Anti-Christ by the number of his name. The Bible also says there will be little Anti-Christs before THE Anti-Christ.

The shunning that this president has done to Israel says something to me. It might say something to you, but I believe that this nation has been blessed when we stand strong with Israel and we fall when we as a nation shun Israel.

comit1Now what I found odd about the DNC convention was here they are telling people to “Commit to Barack” and I thought, isn’t that rather backwards? Shouldn’t the President be committed to “The People”?  After all doesn’t the President work for “The People”?

I wanted to point out just how quickly things can get turned around in people’s heads. How quickly a leader can come up from absolutely no where to the Global stage and then in turn command people to “Commit to Him” sounds strangely familiar to a few prophecies I’ve read in the Bible.

Now this is taking place because of some “hard times” in America. What happens when a Global economic collapse happens? Perhaps what they will need is a Global leader to commit to.

Keep looking up! Jesus Christ will be returning very soon! With these words take comfort, because our Father in Heaven will not suffer the Body of Christ to his Wrath! Trust in the Lord always.