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Latest Commentary

 The Soul and Spirit of Man  327 views
 Imagine  91 views
 Relative Righteousness  100 views
 A Thousand Years is One Day?  1,162 views
 The Great Deception of Satan and Salvation  2,522 views
 How Much Does Jesus Love You?  1,304 views
 Only Christians Can Determine the Outcome of America  1,052 views
 The Majestic Promises Of the Twenty Third Psalm  1,975 views
 Giving Thanks to an Almighty God  2,205 views
 Can a Person Who Has Not Heard the Gospel Go to Heaven?  8,379 views
 Is the Church Causing Americas Fall?  111,439 views
 The Judgments of the Tribulation and the Wrath of God  12,509 views
 Faith of our Fathers  8,397 views
 The Rapture of the Saints  17,593 views
 The Great Hoax of Evolution  13,265 views
 Satan, the Conflict of the Angels and the Churches  9,772 views
 Buy a signed book from Jack Heckathorne direct!  2,586 views
 Atheism  6,963 views
 The Antichrist-One World Government-Mark of the Beast  11,681 views
 Sunrise  586 views
 Have We Forgotten God? The Current Spiritual State of the Nation  4,144 views
 The Ten Commandants  1,423 views
 Israel-Cursing or Blessing?  1,269 views
 Message to new Christians  2,037 views
 Faith Without Works is Dead?  3,115 views
 The Ice “Age”?  3,983 views
 A Prophecy of Jesus Christ  2,088 views
 Repent, What Does It Mean? Part 2  2,674 views
 Gay Marriage?  1,694 views
 How You Can Find Happiness  1,339 views
 The Real Lords Prayer  961 views
 Satan -The Great Counterfeiter  2,291 views
 Prayer  1,274 views
 What Is God?  1,605 views
 Fear vs. Faith  1,589 views
 Can You Lose Your Salvation?  1,970 views
 Can Homosexuals Go To Heaven?  5,186 views
 Are You Seeking Truth?  858 views
 Where Did Cain Get His Wife?  1,057 views
 Prayer, The Pledge, God and the Courts  2,257 views
 The Gospel of Jesus Christ.  1,063 views
 Repent! What does it mean?  3,960 views
 Satan and the conflict of the Angels  1,123 views
 Religion vs. Christianity  1,125 views
 Is Evolution Logical? Part 2 “The Fossils”  2,187 views
 Is Evolution Logical? Part One  906 views
 Muslim faith & Jesus Christ  1,939 views