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GJCN Newsletter Notice

After many hours of going though the newsletter signups over the past few months we have weeded out everything we believe to be bot related. This means we removed a few thousand emails from the database. Most hand selected and if your data did not look real and looked generated via web bot we removed […]

Sysop .plan updated

Check it out

New Website:

I’m so glad to announce the launch of Keep an eye tuned to GJCN as from time to time we will carry embedded video from

New Comment system & updates

We have changed a few things. The GJCN Newsletter is now back online with the option of getting day,week,month updates from the news flow or just the normal newsletter.  It’s over on the top left so go signup now!

We have change the comment system here on GJCN to IntenseDebate. I have used this […]

Your Faithful Host turns 32

Well your GJCN Founder Brian “sysop” Heckathorne just turned a very young thirty two years of age on the 26th. I keep thinking to myself that in the days of Adam or Noah I would be considered just coming to age. Seeing how only a male in his 30s – 40s would be considered an […]

GJCN Website Update

Sorry about the down time, we just updated the DB and web server. Should be back to normal now. If you have any issues with or notice anything out of place please leave a comment.

GJCN Back Online is back! While I am working on a new website design and would like to take my time with it as I plan a bunch of neat-o features I figured having the old site at least online would be something you would want. Hope you enjoy!

>> Check out Grace Bible Church’s Video website! […]

Job: Christian News Reporter

We are looking for an online news poster to help keep up with world events here on This is a volunteer job as GJCN is staffed by all volunteers. Article writing skills a plus, but just a strong faith in the Lord God and the basic knowledge of the web is all you need. […]

Commentary areas moved!

The other commentary areas, Hal Lindsey, The Rapture Report, etc have been moved to our new commentary website Jack’s commentary will be at both websites however we will still be posting on GJCN about other commentary from these other sources on and linking to them on

New Website:

We are starting a new website, which is still in beta. If you’d like to check it out, go here. is made to have a community site for Christian commentary from a host of Christian websites online. There is also going to be areas for other types of christian content. If you’d […]