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Russia: Iran’s nuclear plant to start next week

MOSCOW (AP) – Russia’s nuclear agency said Friday that it will load fuel into Iran’s first nuclear power plant next week, defying U.S. calls to hold off the start of the launch.

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Russia bans all grain exports

MOSCOW (AFP) – Russia, the world’s third wheat exporter, Thursday banned grain exports for the next four-and-a-half months due to a record drought that has destroyed millions of hectares (acres) of its land.

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Putin’s War on Israel

Now that another Middle East war seems imminent, concerns are growing about the new powerful weapons that are available to Palestinian terrorists. It appears to be virtually unknown that these weapons are being steadily supplied by Putin’s Russia. In the present atmosphere of the everlasting “reset” of relations between the U.S. and Russia, it is […]

Russia’s Heat Wave Wilts Crops, Nation

Russia’s worst drought in 130 years became a political issue Friday as the Kremlin held an emergency meeting to combat the impacts of a month long heat wave that is shriveling crops…

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C’mon Ahmadinejad tell us how you really feel!

"They [USA] are trying to save the Zionist regime, but the Zionist regime will not survive. It is doomed."

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Putin: We have no reason to doubt Iran

Vladmir Putin on warned against the use of force or new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, according to the Russian prime minister’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

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Russian report: Netanyahu may be planning attack

In yesterday’s edition of the Rapture Report we discussed the mysterious 10 hour "disappearance" of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. As you will recall the PM’s office refused to list his whereabouts despite numerous media inquiries. Finally, the PM’s office released a statement that the PM had been on "tour" of military facilities with two high […]

Russia confirms MiG jet sale to Syria

Head of Russian aircraft corporation says advanced fighter jets are being supplied to Damascus.

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Russia won’t sanction Iran in US deal

A Russian Foreign Ministry source was quoted Tuesday as saying that Moscow would not impose tougher sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program in exchange for a new nuclear arms cuts deal with Washington.

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Medvedev sees single currency dream in G8 coin gift

Even if Russia’s call for a global currency failed to gain much traction at a G8 summit, President Dmitry Medvedev took home a coin meant to symbolize that the dream may one day come true.

An iPOD for the Queen and a Gold Coin for the Russian Leader with the words "United Future World […]