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Two soldiers killed, 7 wounded in Hezbollah attack near Lebanon border

IDF responds with artillery fire • Lieberman: Israel should respond in a ‘forceful and disproportionate manner’ • Force was driving an unarmored vehicle on border fence • UNIFIL soldier killed by Israeli response strike.

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PM Netanyahu responds to Hezbollah attack: Don’t test Israel

PM says ‘IDF is prepared to act strongly on all fronts’; defense minister says ‘we will respond forcefully and with determination’.

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Syria arming Hezbollah with scuds; claims able to launch 15 tons of explosives at Israel every day

In May, the Sunday Times reported that shipments of weapons from the Adra base were going to Hezbollah, and that Iran was sending missiles and other weapons to that base via Damascus airport nearby. The paper also said Hezbollah had been given a section of the base for barracks, warehouses and a fleet of […]

Israel informed UN of Hezbollah cache months ago

UNIFIL learned a few months ago about the cache of Katyusha rockets that exploded in the southern Lebanese village of Hirbet Salim last Tuesday, a government source in Jerusalem said. The source said UNIFIL had precise information about the cache and a number of other installations where Hezbollah is storing rockets, but that UNIFIL had […]