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Combat troops to get gay sensitivity training

American combat troops will get sensitivity training directly on the battlefield about the military’s new policy on gays instead of waiting until they return to home base in the United States, the senior enlisted man in Afghanistan said Thursday.

The Pentagon is launching an extensive force-wide program to ease the process of integrating open homosexuals […]

1 Judge voids 7 Million Voters

Prop. 8 judge strikes down same-sex marriage ban

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Homosexual marriage is a civil right? Not exactly, Homosexual marriage right in God’s eyes? Not so fast…  Can a Homosexual go to heaven? Read this…

First of all marriage is not a power invested by a state or nation. Marriage between a man […]

An appeasement to homosexuality? – Jan 2004

The way you have written third article and it’s ending sound very much like an appeasement to homosexuality. Jesus although not condemning says quite clearly go thy way and sin no more.