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LIBYA: Colonels defected to Malta rather than bomb protesters

The pilots of two Libyan military jets that landed in Malta on Monday are "senior colonels" who were ordered to bomb protesters, Al Jazeera satellite network reports.

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U.S. urges Libya to avoid confrontation with Israel over Gaza-bound aid ship

Israel navy makes contact with Libya-sponsored Gaza aid ship; Al-Amal is carrying 15 pro-Palestinian activists, 12 crew members and 2,000 tons of food and medicine.

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Libyan aid ship to arrive in 2 days

Activists aboard the Libyan aid ship headed for Gaza plan to arrive at their destination Wednesday, AFP news agency reported Monday.

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IDF preparing for forceful interception of Libya-sponsored aid ship bound for Gaza

The IDF is preparing for the forceful interdiction of a Libyan sponsored ship allegedly headed for the Gaza Strip

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