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Egypt to Execute Muslim in Killings Christians

By Worthy News Middle East and Africa Services with Worthy News’  Stefan J. Bos  CAIRO, EGYPT (Worthy News)– A Muslim men was awaiting execution Monday, January 17, after a court in Egypt sentenced him to death for his alleged involvement in the January 2010 killings of six Coptic Christians following Christmas mass.


Christians burnt alive by Muslims in Pakistan

Pope Benedict XVI has condemned the ‘senseless attack’ in Pakistan in which seven Christians were burned alive.

Hundreds of Muslims torched and looted Christian homes in Gorja. A man, a woman and four children were burned to death in their house, and two other men were shot dead by the rioters.



Wonder what the muslims really think of Israel?

A leading Palestinian cleric commandeered an evening devoted to interfaith dialogue with Pope Benedict XVI on Monday to rant against Israel for “killing Gaza’s children,” “bulldozing Palestinian homes” and “destroying mosques.”