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Looking for the meaning of repentance. – Oct 24, 2004

Hello. I just found this site while looking up the word repentance in the Google search engine. Our pastor is leading a Sunday school class on the psalms and today’s study focused on a penitent psalm, Psalm 51. The word repent came up and left me with some questions which we weren’t able to explore […]

Quandary, PHZ, AZ – Question on “Repent” – Feb 2003

Dear Sir,

RE: Repent! What does it mean? Author: Jack Heckathorne –

The verse says “If we confess…He will forgive. If we do confess our sins we can avoid punishment from God. However, if we continue in sin divine discipline will surely come. God knows that we will all sin from time to time […]

Joe; retired Marine, regarding “Repeat” commentary – Dec 2002


Hi. I’m Joe Starbuck, a retired Marine residing in Maryville, Tennessee.

You did it, Jack! You translated the word “repent” in a way that correlates with so many verses in Scripture, such that they cannot be counted accurately, but you hit the target in the bullseye Jack. Well done, and thank you!


Repent, What Does It Mean? Part 2

There have been many types of Greek in the past most of which are obsolete now but in the days of Alexander the Great a number of Greek languages existed. […]

Repent! What does it mean?

The Bible was originally written in Hebrew in the Old Testament and Greek in the New Testament. […]