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Ernesto Becomes a Hurricane

Ernesto has become a hurricane and is moving on a west-northwest track toward a landfall just north of the border between Belize and Mexico Tuesday night into early Wednesday. Ernesto’s rain and wind will first begin to arrive during the day on Tuesday.

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Tropical Storm Ernesto Spins in the Atlantic

All of our forecast guidance shows Tropical Storm Ernesto moving westward in the direction of the Windward and Leeward Islands.


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Awesome Lightning Show at my house

On June 29th, 2009 we had a big storm just skirt our city, so we caught the side with lightning. Was an awesome show of lightning for about 2 hours. Here is A 3 1/2 min clip of that storm. But never mind your fearless sysop or the kids playing 😉 Enjoy! Give it a […]

Freak Beijing storm turns day into night

China correspondent Stephen McDonell and ABC cameraman Rob Hill saw day turn into night as a freak storm swept across the capital Beijing today.

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