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The Rapture Report – Half the Israeli Public Wants to See Holy Temple Rebuilt

Sometimes while viewing the vast landscape of the current news and events in the world, you see an article that really stands out screaming that Bible prophecy is lining up as the Bible foretold. Today while searching the news headlines I came across one such news article that seemed to do that.

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Russian report: Netanyahu may be planning attack

In yesterday’s edition of the Rapture Report we discussed the mysterious 10 hour "disappearance" of Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu. As you will recall the PM’s office refused to list his whereabouts despite numerous media inquiries. Finally, the PM’s office released a statement that the PM had been on "tour" of military facilities with two high […]

Netanyahu "disappears" for 10 hours amid rumors of meeting with Russia’s Putin in Moscow

In an article from the Jerusalem Post it was reported that Israeli PM Benajmain Netanyahu went "missing" for 10 hours on Monday. Speculation was ripe that he had gone to some undisclosed country for possible peace talks.

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