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Call For Criminalization of Criticism of Homosexuality

Scrapping the free speech safeguard would outlaw negative opinion about homosexual conduct. This would result in prosecution of Christians and others who make statements opposing homosexuality.

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UK cuts some arms sales to Israel after Gaza war

* Five arms export licenses revoked * UK denies move constitutes embargo

JERUSALEM, July 13 (Reuters) – Britain has scrapped the sale of some military components to Israel as part of an export review prompted by the war in the Gaza Strip, officials said on Monday.

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Britain has three swine flu deaths in a day

Two children and a man died in Britain on Monday after contracting swine flu although all had pre-existing health conditions, officials said.

UK expels two Iranian diplomats

The UK has ordered the expulsion of two Iranian diplomats in a tit-for-tat action after Tehran also ordered two UK diplomats to leave the country.

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Protest at Iran’s ‘evil UK’ claim

The UK has told an Iranian diplomat that Ayatollah Khamenei’s description of the British government as "evil" is unacceptable.

UK officials had summoned Iran’s ambassador, Rasul Movaheddian, to the Foreign Office to lodge a protest.

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