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Money-Primed People Show Increased Self-Reliance and Are More Selfish

mtroubleIn the book Thinking Fast and Slow, Daniel Kahneman shares some of the research work of Kathleen Vohs.  During the studies, individuals are exposed to different ‘primers’. Of interest to us today were the studies where people were exposed to primers related to money or reminders of money.  These triggers may be something as subtle as a stack of Monopoly money on a table or a screen saver of dollar bills floating in water.  In other experiments participants were working with phrases that have money themes.

He claims, “Money-primed people become more independent than they would be without the associative trigger.” This was shown by the fact that they worked twice as long on solving a very difficult problem before they asked for help. This, Kahneman says, is a, “crisp demonstration of increased self-reliance.”

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