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While my wife and I was web surfing a few local websites we noticed on ( this story ) had a poll saying “Should Texas secede?” As of this publication with 2,498 votes in a huge number of 86% of people voted YES. I felt great about being a Texan, no matter what anyone else thinks Texas does have the option to leave the union. The people know it and feel good about having the option and I feel polls like this show the people will do it if DC  gets out of hand.

However, then the propaganda war starts. On Drudge Report today the top headline was “POLL: 75% OF TEXANS WOULD VOTE TO STAY IN USA” which linked to ( this story ).

Now having been born in Houston, Texas and having lived in Texas all of my life I’d have to consider myself Texan for sure. I have a problem with anyone telling Texans what they can and can’t do when it comes to “The Union”. I honestly believe that most Texans do want out of the union because DC has flew the coop in my view and it started a long time ago.

When I see “polls” like drudge report posts only a day after the big ABC13 poll one has to ask; which one more closely shows the view of the people. I’d have to say this; Texans are not afraid of leaving the union. I’d have to say Texas and Texans are the most independent people you can find in these States United.

At this point in history starting even with Bush doing bailouts then Obama bailing out everyone I’d have to say who would want to be apart of this? Texas rejected the bailout money but I have a funny feeling we will pay for it regardless.

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Why are you all still here? Texas can secede if they wish and hope they do. They can even keep the money, just leave.

well i am sick of hearing that if we leave the great USA will pull out all its military and its national guard yet TEXANS are the majority of its military and guard so like 1 in 10000 will leave. how TEXAS will loose so much shoot we will gain much also most of our oils and beef go to other states and not our own. yet that’s just one thought among many of other TEXANS

For the one millionth time…we do not have the option to secede…do any basic survey of Texas/US history and you will discover that we have no secession clause. Please. Be informed.

Not to mention Texas was kinda “forced” back into the union. Let’s not forget that Texas is and was a free republic just as the USA. Thus why the Texas flag will always fly at the same level as the USA flag.

I’m sure England said the same thing with the 13 colonies.

I’m sure Texas about about all of the south states and even a few north states will join us.


Texas Constitution, Article 1, Section 2: All political power is inherent in the people, and all free governments are founded on their authority, and instituted for their benefit…they have at all times the inalienable right to alter, reform or abolish their government in such manner as they may think expedient.

The U.S. wouldn’t have been able to formulate the Constitution had they not seceded from Great Britain. No state would have entered into a pact they could never dissolve; to deny the right to separate is to deny the right of a people to be free.

I think that secession by Texas would be great for Texas and for the United States. Texas could then rule itself as it chose, Texans would be happy, and many Americans would be better off without Texas. Maybe there are a couple of other states that might also secede.

Liberals. Yummy.

It’s like this buddy.

We texans pay a little more on our power because the power companies HAVE TO sell power to states OUT SIDE our borders. Then we put up with the BS you liberals send our way. Know what, we are tired of it!

Have you guys forgot what all the Lone Star State of Texas has?

Hmm, Power companies, Nuke, Nuke building, Nuke Silos, Army, Marines, Navy, Black Bag ops, about 2/3s of the mil, dang near all gun owners, about 10 billion or so in SURPLUS money, just about all the oil, (oh and we can sell that and a good rate too once we leave)…

Oh and the best thing I love about Texas. THE PEOPLE OF TEXAS ROCK!

Texas helps everyone. From the people they sent to us from Katrina to rejecting the bail out money! Texas ROCKS!

Where was the fed gov or say the state New York when the NO, LA in Katrina? Did they take people in? Nope, TEXAS WAS THERE! Where are most of the boys from in the last 4 major wars? TEXAS!



I’m from Wa state..sick and tired of an overbearing, theiving federal government. If Texas leaves the Union, I’ll move my family down there. I want to live free, and have me and my family enjoy the fruits of our labor..socialism has hit these shores hard,a nd it isn’t going to get any better. Long live Texas!!

Anytime Matt, your welcome here in the Lone Star State!

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Well, I ain’t going back (to Waco!) I love my Montana mountains! Besides, I hate the heat, humidity, roaches and fire ants! Montana will probably secede too!

Montana is nice… 😉

Today…..I renounce my US citizenship! GO TEXAS and so long to the DUMB liberals!

We have a few liberals here in Texas, however the for the most part are mild and love freedom.

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