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“This winter, temperatures in Iran were much warmer than in previous years, to the point that people sought out the shade to protect themselves from getting sunburns. It’s really amazing how warm this past winter has been. People have even begun to turn on their air conditioners in some cities, which they had never before used at this time of the year. The warming has been compounded by the drought, which is worse than last year’s. Water flows in some of Iran’s rivers are slowing down, the mountain snow is melting like heated butter, many wells have run dry, and farmers are despondent. Pictures posted on the Mehr News Agency website on February 20 showed that the Zayand-e-Rud River, an important river that passes through the beautiful city of Isfahan, has run dry. The current drought, which is probably due to global warming, has made Iran one of the world’s leading importers of wheat over the past year. Scientists say carbon emissions are responsible for climate change. However, this warning has not been taken seriously by many of the world’s most important decision-makers. )”

Global warming huh? Iran states it wants to wipe Israel off the map and these clowns think some carbon just happen to cause this?  Thank God for the “Scientist” who shout for climate change! What a joke. Note I haven’t seen much attention about this problem in any news source.


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