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A federal appeals court has ruled a Ten Commandments monument in Oklahoma unconstitutional.

The monument was set up with a private donation, according to Alliance Defense Fund (ADF) attorney Kevin Theriot.
"Haskell County allowed Mike Bush, who is a citizen, to put a monument on the courthouse lawn, along with several other historical monuments, along with the Ten Commandments," Theriot notes. "They have a monument to the veterans, a monument to the Choctaw Indians, to the class of 1955, and several other historical-type of monuments."

The county won the case before a district judge, but that was overturned on appeal. Theriot says that court said the display was similar to a Texas one deemed constitutional, but then offered a strange reason for rejecting the one in Haskell County while referencing county officials.
"Because these commissioners are in a small town, people don’t know when they’re acting as a commissioner and when they’re not, which is just ridiculous," he contends. "Of course, people know when the commissioners are in a board meeting or when they are not."
No decision has been made on an appeal, but ADF has recommended that their client do so.

Source: Faithful news

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