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Donate to Israel, give there is wonderful sites you can donate to Israel from. But do it now. Israel needs our help, support Israel today. Don’t wait till tomorrow, do it today.  I’m calling on Christians, Support Israel.

!!!WARNING!!! This is graphic, but America, Christian you need to know what is taking place. Don’t […]

IAF bombs Gaza tunnels in response to mortar fire

The Israel Air Force bombed targets in the Gaza Strip late Tuesday after two soldiers were wounded in a mortar bomb attack by militants.


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Gaza militants may be firing a new type of rocket into Israel, police say

Police officials investigate the possibility that a rocket fired into Israel over the weekend is of a new, and more precise type.

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Aid for Gaza must be delivered by established land routes, UN says

Israel’s UN envoy, Ehud Barak urge Lebanon and the international community to prevent two aid ships from sailing to the Gaza Strip from a Lebanese port.

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Syria president, Turkey FM issue joint call for end to Gaza siege

After meeting in Damascus, Assad and Davutoglu emphasize importance of reconciliation between rival Palestinian factions.

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U.S. urges Libya to avoid confrontation with Israel over Gaza-bound aid ship

Israel navy makes contact with Libya-sponsored Gaza aid ship; Al-Amal is carrying 15 pro-Palestinian activists, 12 crew members and 2,000 tons of food and medicine.

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Libyan Ship Attempting to Break Gaza Blockade Abandons Course

The captain of a Libyan vessel attempting to break Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza has abandoned course and agreed to sail to an Egyptian port after receiving an ultimatum from the Israeli navy, Israeli media reported.

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Libyan Ship Sails for Gaza; Israel Blasts ‘Unnecessary Provocation’

CAIRO — The organizer of a Libyan charity ship bound for Gaza said Sunday he was determined to reach the Palestinian territory despite reports the vessel would divert to a nearby Egyptian port in the latest attempt to thwart an Israeli naval blockade.

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In case you missed it, Obama agrees with Helen Thomas

$400,000,000 US TAX DOLLARS are going going to the Gaza. The Palestinian Authority has to be excited. Where is Obama saying he stands by Israel? No no, let’s donate to the so called “Palestinians”. This is nothing more than Obama supporting the independent state of Palestine.

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I’m curious where did this $400 […]

UK cuts some arms sales to Israel after Gaza war

* Five arms export licenses revoked * UK denies move constitutes embargo

JERUSALEM, July 13 (Reuters) – Britain has scrapped the sale of some military components to Israel as part of an export review prompted by the war in the Gaza Strip, officials said on Monday.

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