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Could it be, these world events are warnings from God? HLP 3-18-2011

This week on ‘The Hal Lindsey Report’ – 3-28-2011

Thank you for your kind words of encouragement following my comments last week about the e-mail from Zoe. Many of you wrote to say, "Don’t give it a rest." You want me to continue proclaiming the nearness of Christ’s coming. Don’t worry. I won’t (give it […]

Ground movement and cracks forming caught on camera

An amazing video showing the ground coming apart.




Is U.S. West Coast next? Some experts warn it’s the next area for earthquake in pacific’s Ring of Fire

The U.S. West Coast could be the next area shaken by a big earthquake, experts warned today.

The earthquakes last Friday in Japan, last month in New Zealand and last year in Chile all happened along the ‘Ring of Fire’ that encircles much of the Pacific Ocean.

Scientists believe the West Coast could be hit […]

Japan’s most powerful ever recorded 8.9 earthquake

Total chaos is the best way I could describe it. Even the aftershocks are very powerful and caused a 33 foot wave of water that slams Japan’s coast.  Scientists said the quake ranked as the fifth-largest earthquake in the world since 1900 and was nearly 8,000 times stronger than the one which devastated Christchurch, New […]

2010 Significant Earthquakes

Magnitude 4.9 UTAH April 15, 2010 Magnitude 6.9 SOUTHERN QINGHAI, CHINA April 13, 2010 Magnitude 6.3 SPAIN April 11, 2010 Magnitude 6.8 SOLOMON ISLANDS April 11, 2010 Magnitude 7.7 NORTHERN SUMATRA, INDONESIA April 06, 2010 Magnitude 7.2 BAJA CALIFORNIA, MEXICO April 04, 2010 Magnitude 4.4 GREATER LOS ANGELES AREA, CALIFORNIA March 16, 2010 Magnitude 6.7 […]

Significant Earthquakes in January 2010 alone

Magnitude 7.0 HAITI REGION January 12, 2010 Magnitude 6.5 OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA January 10, 2010 Magnitude 4.1 SAN FRANCISCO BAY AREA, CALIFORNIA January 07, 2010 Magnitude 6.8 SOLOMON ISLANDS January 05, 2010 Magnitude 7.2 SOLOMON ISLANDS January 03, 2010 Magnitude 6.6 SOLOMON ISLANDS January 03, 2010

Dog feels or hears earthquake seconds before it happens, […]

Haiti Earthquake 7.0

International Red Cross spokesman Paul Conneally said an estimated 3 million people may have been affected by the quake and that it would take a day or two for a clear picture of the damage to emerge.

Aftershocks rattled the city of 2 million people as women covered in dust clawed out of debris, wailing. […]

Strong earthquake rocks Venezuela

CARACAS (Reuters) – A strong 6.4 magnitude earthquake shook major oil exporter Venezuela on Saturday, causing panic in the capital, Caracas, and injuring at least seven people when houses in the countryside collapsed.

The quake, the strongest in the South American nation in years, hit at about 3:40 p.m. local time (2010 GMT), authorities said. […]


5.5 magnitude earth quake in Indonesia

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