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BBC reports “New Era in US Ties” and so many commentators don’t really know what to make of Obama’s speech.  UPI is reporting that the Israeli response to Obama’s speech is divided.

However it is you look at this, something somewhere will have to give. The real main issue here is what is Obama calling for? What is it he is asking of Israel?

In the Muslim world Obama appears to be pushing Israel into a two state solution. However any open Muslim will tell you even a perfect two state solution will not work. The only solution they feel is good enough to end the fighting would be when Jerusalem is in full Muslim control.

I don’t think Binyamin Netanyahu is going to stop the settlements any time soon. Jews are moving to Israel at an unbelievable pace. Israel needs the land for homes and businesses. This is in fact why the Muslims will not stop.

So knowing that the Muslims won’t stop terror until Jerusalem is in Islam’s full control and that Israel will never give Jerusalem over to Muslims in any way one would have to know Obama has at least been told this. So what Obama is really calling for is another war.

Obama is telling Israel to do something no other country in the world would do. All the while what Obama said gives credit to the Muslims for control of Jerusalem.  Thus justifying war against Israel?

Now all the remarks Obama has made about Christian Faith, Jews and Muslims all start to make sense. Such as the “slip” of his “Muslim Faith” or how “radical” parts of the Holy Bible are. Let’s not forget the mocking of the Holy Bible itself shall we?

I think the case is clear that Obama is pushing Israel into something that will only lead to war.

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