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Netanyahu makes first foreign policy speech amid mixed reviews across the World
Written: 6-16-2009
Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

Welcome to this edition of the Rapture Report. Today we will examine the recent speech given by Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyau and it’s effect on the Middle East peace process. As was expected PM Netanyahu made his first major foreign policy speech for his newly formed government. With the eyes of the Middle East and the world fixed on Netanyahu, he delivered a speech that was strong on Israeli positions while holding an olive branch out to the Palestinians. The Israel National News reported:

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu uttered the words "Palestinian state" in his speech Sunday evening, in a 45-minute speech that mixed tough Zionist statements with talk of peace and conciliation.


"The simple truth," he said, however, "is that the root of the conflict is the refusal to accept the Jewish people’s right to exist in its historic homeland. Whoever thinks that the enmity against Israel is the result of our occupying Judea and Samaria, is confusing cause and effect." He then enumerated instances of Arab belligerence against the Jews in the Land of Israel before 1967. "The closer we come to a peace the more the Palestinians move away," he said. "Every retreat by us was met with thousands of suicide terror bombings and rockets." "We vacated the Gaza Strip to the last centimeter and received a downpour of missiles on our communities and our children. Hamas and Hizbullah keep saying that their aim is to free Akko, Be’er Sheva and Haifa. Even the moderate Palestinians, even now, are unwilling to say the simplest thing: Israel is the State of the Jewish People and it will stay that way.� He added: "In order to achieve peace one needs courage and honesty on both sides � not just the Israeli side. The Palestinian leadership must recognize Israel as the State of the Jewish people."

Netanyahu has hit the nail on the head here when he says that the root of the Middle East problems is the refusal by the islamic hordes to recognize Israel as a Jewish homeland and with that it’s right to exist. The sad fact is that the islamic hordes will not recognize Israel nor it’s right to exist because their religion of Islam will not allow for that. As we’ve mentioned time and time again, it is crystal clear that the only thing the islamic hordes want to do is gain as much as they can by negotiations before trying to militarily wipe Israel off the map. And because of that another sad fact is that there is not a true and genuine peace partner in the Middle East for Israel. I believe that every attempt to settle the Middle East peace process will result in failure as the only one who can bring true peace to the Middle East is the Lord himself.

Netanyahu himself went on to state:

�The demand to settle Palestinian refugees inside Israel is incompatible with the continued existence of Israel as a Jewish State," he said. "It is possible to solve this problem outside the borders of Israel. There is wide national agreement about this among us.� "Judea and Samaria are not a foreign country for us. This is the land of our forefathers, Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. The sovereignty of the Jewish people in our Land does not come from the suffering we have been through. Some say if it weren’t for the Holocaust there would be no State if Israel. But I say that if Israel had been established in time there would have been no Holocaust," Netanyahu said. "Our right to establish our country here stems from one fact: IsraeI is the homeland of the Jewish people and it is here that our identity was forged."

Another sticking point to solving the Middle East problem lies in the issue of "refugees" being resettled inside Israel. To resettle supposed Palestinian refugees would be national suicide as the Jews would not remain a majority in their homeland. This in turn would cause the nation to be overrun by the islamics and eventually result in the destruction of the Jewish state from within. Netanyahu knows that he can’t allow for the return of "imaginary" refuguees that never really existed. The fact is that the Jewish homeland was a wasteland before the Jews returned and built it up again. The so called "Palestinians" are nothing more than people who have come from neighboring nations and been drawn to the light of Israel. There has never been a Palestinian culture, art, economy, etc. The establishment of a Palestinian state is a satanic plan to destroy Israel and it appears that just about every nation on the planet has joined into this satanic plot to force a two state solution on Israel.

It is my opinion that when Netanyahu gave his speech, he listed many conditions as part of a possible "future" Palestinian state. He made the requirements that any future Palestinian state and surrounding nations recognize Israel, that the Palestinian state not have an army, etc. and by doing this I believe he did so because he knows that the islamic world will not agree to these things. Because agreeing to these things would not allow them to carry out their satanic plot to destroy Israel. They would agree to these things if they were seeking genuine peace, but as we have noted they are not seeking genuine peace. This is all simply aother step in their ultimate plan to destroy Israel. The Lord told us in the Bible that in the last days that Jerusalem (and Israel) would be a burdensome stone for the world. We see that being absolutely true today as the entire world tries to solve the Middle East issue.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the PA expressed outrage at Netanyahu’s speech and basically said that he "buried" the door on the peace process.

Palestinian Authority officials in Ramallah expressed outrage and shock on Sunday over Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu’s call for the establishment of a demilitarized Palestinian state and his demand that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state. The officials said that the speech that Netanyahu delivered at Bar-Ilan University was much worse than they had expected. They also warned that Netanyahu’s policies would trigger a new intifada. Some of PA President Mahmoud Abbas’s top advisers accused Netanyahu of "burying the peace process" and said the ball was now in the court of US President Barack Obama.

It would seem to me after reading the above quote that the Palestinians are trying to play "victim" against Netanyahu and Israel. By playing victim they hope to get the world to pressure Israel on agreeing to the two state solution. The Palestinians are also probably thinking that if they protest loud enough that some of the demands Netanyahu is making will be reduced when a possible deal is reached. However, it appears that Netanyahu and the Israeli leadership is firm on their comment about Israel being recognized and a demilitarized Palestinian state. Israel simply can’t live with an armed terrorists state on it’s borders with an active and trained army. This would only complicate the matters for Israel.

Meanwhile, the international community was eager to endorse Netanyahu’s speech despite the fact that the Islamics have basically given it a thumbs down sign. The international community hailed Netanyahu’s willing to accept a Palestinian state with conditions as a step forward in the peace process. Some analysts have seen the speech as nothing new and merely a step in the direction of buying more time in dealing with Iran. This is probably the case as the Israelis have said that the biggest obstacle preventing the peace process from moving forward is the Iranian nuclear program. I believe that Israel will continue to try to pressure the international community on the Iranian nuclear issue while buying time on the peace process front. Afterall, there is no need to make peace with your surrounding neighbors when a few states over they are developing weapons to destroy you with. Israel needs to continue to focus on the Iranian nuclear threat and then they are likely to move onto trying to come to an agreement on a peace deal. But I will say again that I believe all attempts right now will fail as there is no genuine peace partner for Israel.

Let us continue to watch the political events in Israel as we move closer to possible prophetic events. I believe after looking at the recent speech by Netanyahu and the recent election results in Iran, we are more than likely headed towards confrontation rather than peace. While only the Lord knows the exact details, we need to remain sober and awake so as to discern the times and season.

God bless.

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