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Sent: Saturday, September 11, 2004 1:37 AM
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Subject: Commentary Comment/Question

I read the commentary about the ice age good research but…Noah sent a raven out first and Dinosaurs were not mentioned. Gen 6:4 “And there were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that……..”

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Jack Heckathorne’s Reply….

From: “Jack Heckathorne” <[email protected]>
Subject: RE: commentary question

Dinosaurs were not mentioned because the word dinosaur wasn’t invented until the 1800’s when the giant bones were first discovered by a dentist. However, dogs weren’t mentioned, neither were horses or monkeys or many animals. So, what does that prove? The average size of a dinosaur was about the size of a sheep and Noah would have taken young ones anyway so they could reproduce. Since they come from eggs even the largest dinosaurs were once very small and being a reptile, as all reptiles do, they grow all of their life. So there is no reason why they could not have been on the ark.

I have always found it interesting that we know the American Indians drew very accurate pictures of dinosaurs on cave walls in the 1500’s and no one knew what they were until the discovery of the bones in 1801.

So, how could the Indians have known what they looked like 300 years prior to the discovery unless they had seen live ones? Many people believe that the ocean dwelling plesiosaur still lives. I have a photo of a dead one which was pulled up by a Japanese fishing boat in the 1970’s

The book of Job mentions something called a behemoth that lived in the fens (swamp) and had bones like iron and a powerful tail like a cedar tree. Whatever it was it wasn’t an elephant or a hippo because they have very small tails.

Marco Polo after a visit to china reported that the emperor had dragons pulling wagons. Why would he say that unless it was true? Dragons of course look amazingly like dinosaurs and China is even now known as the Land of the dragon. Perhaps dinosaurs were call dragons at that time.

There are many more examples of Dinosaurs existing with man. The Inca stones, thousands of smooth basketball size rocks were dug up a thousand years ago in Peru which had paintings of many animals on them including dinosaurs. One even had a man riding on one.

Many sea monsters were reported in the days of sailing ships describing an animal with a long neck. We don’t see them today because ships make too much noise and probably scare them away and there are probably less of them. Two were found dead on a beach in the early 1900’s and photos were taken.

In Texas human footprints in rock were found with dinosaur footprints. In the same area and rock human footprints measuring 22” long were found.

Evolutionists say dinosaurs became extinct some 60 some million years ago because they are found in a certain type of rock but when human fossils are found in the same type rock they are dated in the thousands of years.

The giants in Genesis 6-4 were produced by the sons of God (demons) taking human wives and creating a super race of men to control the world. Satan always wants to control the world. This is likely why God had to destroy the human race because man had become so corrupt. Adolph Hitler tried the same thing with his super race and at the same time he tried to destroy the inferior people such as Jews and Christians and by so doing, he thought, he would be able to control the world. Others throughout history have done similar things in order to control the world. The antichrist will try the same thing in the tribulation and once again God will have to intervene as he did with the flood.

Thanks for your comment. We enjoy hearing from you.

Best Regards
Jack Heckathorne

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