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Separation of Church and God, The Final Judgement




Today the world is headed for disaster. The United States and other Governments have become corrupted. God is being legislated out of our everyday lives and Jesus Christ-the only source of salvation-is almost illegal to even talk about. In general, Churches have quit teaching the Bible and much of what they do teach is bias toward their religion or denomination. People make up the government and when people become corrupt so does the government. The church is the only source of teaching morality and salvation however, it has failed in a big way.

Many people have been deceived by Satan, who is now firmly established in many if not most churches. Church goers who consider themselves Christians are often living miserable and lonely lives in turmoil. Disaster has struck in many of their lives and many have rebellious children.

Prayers are not being answered; people are frantically searching for happiness, knowledge and security in a church but are not finding it. When this happens they turn away from God. The problem is not God or you but the church itself. The Book “Separation of Church and God” was written as an answer for these millions of these people. It demonstrates that the scriptures are true and teaches the very things that the churches should be teaching but do not. The church generally falls under one of three categories:  Money/Emotionalism, Money/Rituals or Money/Commercialism. In such churches or religions all of the emphasis is on money and little or none is on the person and work of our precious savior Jesus Christ.

Many churches are teaching secular psychology or how you can have a better life now by simply following a few simple steps which were made up from the mind of man. True Bible teaching is strangely absent in such churches. It’s all about what you can do to make yourself better from a humanistic point of view.

Man is a fallen creature, he has the nature to sin and always will, but what can we do about it? Just who or what is God and what is he like? How does man compare to God? Why must we have faith. Why does God want us to have faith and where does faith come from?

What does it really mean to be spiritual and how do we obtain spiritually? How do we know if we are truly saved or not? If we are saved can we lose our salvation? How can we find true happiness in a lost and dying world? Why was the world necessary from God’s point of view if he knew in advance that man would sin?

Why would a loving God allow people, especially Christians, to suffer? Is there really anything to Evolution, if not why do so many people believe in it? Why does God not answer my prayers when I need him? Why are there Atheists? Who is Satan and what is he doing in the world?  Can I really be good enough to get into Heaven?

Who will be at the final judgment and what will happen?

All of these questions and many more are answered in the book: “Separation of Church and God.” The world needs to know the truth and this book is the only book available worldwide which covers so many Biblical truths in one reading. Many books claim to “Change your life” but usually do not. This book truly can because it is based solely upon the infallible Word of God. The Authorized King James Bible is used for all scripture quotations.  Obsolete words or difficult phrases are explained in more modern language so that the reader will grasp the true meaning.




Newspaper review-McCookCounty Gazette

Separation of Church and God’ – A Review

Friday, September 22, 2006


If you’ve ever walked home from church with more questions than answers or feeling like you’ve just wasted another hour of your life, you may want to investigate Jack Heckathorne’s book, "The Separation of Church and God." 

If you’ve given up on organized religion and by association, God, you may want to check out this book.

If you’ve come away from every encounter with organized religion, Christian or otherwise, determined that if there is indeed a God, he is simply too hard to fathom, I encourage you to read Heckathorne’s book.

For those who have found little more than contradiction and hypocrisy in the local church and who now believe that apart from church you can have no part of God, this book will give you hope.

And for those who have believed and fallen, now believing there is no way back, Heckathorne delivers a message of promised restoration directly from the Bible.

According to Heckathorne, part of the fault so rampant in today’s church lies in the multiple layers of tradition that have effectively shrouded the true gospel message of Christ over the millennia. In fact, the dissatisfaction people feel may be because the hunger and thirst innate to every man has yet to be satisfied in their lives.

Heckathorne appeals to the reader to discover again or anew the unvarnished, simple truth of the gospel and to turn from false teachings and traditions as if your very life depended on it.

His carefully researched publication is broken down into easy-to-read and easy-to-understand chapters, such as "What is God?", "What is Man?", "Are you Seeking Truth?” “Satan, The Great Counterfeiter" and "Can You Lose Your Salvation?" 

Heckathorne contends that the false teachings that abound in organized religion today are the direct result of deceptions brought about by God’s enemy, the fallen angel, Satan, whom Jesus refers to as the "father of lies." in John 8: 38:44. Man is particularly susceptible to Satan’s lies, as first evidenced in the Garden of Eden when Eve believed the serpent when he said, "You shall be like God." (Genesis 3:5) Satan’s fall set the stage for the battle between good and evil — a battle which is waged yet today in people’s actions, thoughts, way of life and, perhaps most significantly, in their belief’s about Jesus Christ.

Heckathorne also maintains that the truth of who God is, man’s true relationship to him, and the whole matter of sin can be discovered only through careful reading and focused study of Scripture and Scripture alone.

In his introductory remarks Heckathorne reveals, that "… Over the next 35 years I had a desire to learn more and more about the Bible. I studied unimpeded by erroneous religious doctrines or influential denominational affiliations. Because I could see the Bible as truth, and since I could see many practices in the church which were contradictory to it, I finally realized that I had to separate the church, any church, from God in my mind.

"I came to realize that God is perfect, and the local church is not.

"As I see it, the farther away from the basic fundamentals of the Scriptures a church becomes, the more they rely on man’s flawed logic and imagination, and the more corrupt they become."

There are no "sacred cows" in Heckathorne’s observations. He calls to task faith healers, the worship of idols, gay marriage, the purpose of tithing as well as evolution and its negative impact on faith. He settles the issue of salvation by grace (Ephesians 2:8, 9) and yet offers evidence that a living faith is made visible only by works (James 2:18).  Dawn Cribbs,  McCook CountyGazette


“This book blew me away”…Every page, every paragraph is very interesting reading.”

Dick Bott     Bott Radio Network


Readers write:

I have read many Christian books, but this one tops them all. It is excellent in that it answers many questions that people always have about the church today and the Bible. It is written in a very well spoken way so that anyone can understand what the Bible, and God, is all about. I have gone to several churches for many years, but I never learned the things that are in this book. Everything the author says is supported by the scriptures, from the authorized King James Bible. He even helps in understanding what many of the old English words mean. The book talks about man’s relationship with God, the origin of evil and Satan, spiritually, and separates what the Bible clearly teaches from what many churches are teaching in today’s world. It covers repentance and what that really means, and many, many more Biblical subjects in a clear concise way. After reading this book, I was in even more awe of our awesome God, and made aware of just how great he really is, and what he has done for us. To me this is the ultimate in Christian Books. Rebecca M. Lynn, Texas Rancher


"Separation of Church and God" is a truly a thought provoking, and enlightening book. It covers difficult topics with grace and a firm gasp of the material, and its relevance today. After all, we have continually obscured God with our over complication of religion. Through the use of pertinent Scriptural reference, Mr. Heckathorne demonstrates how to clearly delineate between what it is God has given us via the Bible, and how organized religion as a whole has taken that book and turned it to serve its own purpose."

“Wouldn’t be nice if we had such a book of tactics to study in order to defeat Satan. The greatest enemy mankind ever faced? Enter, Jack Heckathorne author of the book Separation of Church and God, The Final Judgment.  His impressive ability to build a scripturally supported, sound argument for the accusation that modern religion has separated itself from God and His divine plan for the salvation of man.”

“Heckathorne’s book is a well-organized supply house of information not found in other Christian books. Each chapter is a talking point in its own right.  In the form of this book, it indeed ensures that soldiers of Christ have in their possession the whole armor of God. Heckathorne’s book serves as a clear, concise, and excellent weapon in the arsenal of informed Christians.” Joseph P Hardin  (Former Jehovah’s Witness pastor turned Christian after reading only  two chapters of the book)

 “This book is excellent. It has the best defense of creation vs. evolution that I have ever read. If you read this book you will clearly understand that evolution is not even a remote possibility. The author has done his research in this area. He also has a very practical understanding of the Bible and does an excellent job of communicating in a way that is easy to read, keeps your interest, and uses an goodly amount of tongue-in-cheek humor that keeps you chuckling.” Willis P. Hinton


About the Author:



Jack Heckathorne at  a Barnes and Noble book signing event.

As many of you know, Jack Heckathorne is the main writer of the Biblical commentaries on The Global Jesus Christ Network. Over the years of answering your questions about God he has been in the process of writing a book which answers all of the questions that you have asked. In addition, he answers he covers much of the Bible that the churches have ignored or distorted.  Jack is not a preacher or a member of any denomination or religion but he has studied under several fine theologians and Bible scholars for nearly 50 years. 

He has visited churches in nearly every denomination as a preparation for this book. He considers himself a churchgoer and has written his book from that perspective. As he has said “ Have you ever wanted to go up to the pulpit and push the preacher aside and preach the way God intended instead of coercing the people out of their money, it’s no wonder the world is in the mess it is in.”

Jack and the book has been the subject of numerous talk radio interviews, newspaper articles, magazine articles, websites, blogs, and book signings. It has been read by some of the most prominent pastors in the world today and parts of it used in sermons and endorsed by pastors of different denominations and put on preferred reading lists in libraries of many churches.

In 2007 a major news organization in Montana sent the book to six theologians of various denominations in an effort to find theological errors or misquoted scriptures.  After reviewing the book, none of the theologians were able to find any errors!  NONE!

Sometimes God gives a gift to ordinary people in order to do extraordinary things for him. Such is the case with many Bible characters such as, David, Peter, John, Paul and so many others.

The Author is very much one of us. He is a woodworker, motorcycle rider, guitarist, poet, grandfather, writer, photographer, businessman, humorist, theologian, and teacher.


A Look at the family:

clip_image007clip_image009clip_image011clip_image017  clip_image013


Keith McCahey: Promoter and friend of the author.



Son GJCN Founder, daughter in law and granddaughter of the Author                                      





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Paperback, 376 pages, 24 Chapters. Published by Authorhouse. Copyright 2006.

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