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Protest-Tehran-Univ1 Fox News reports Iran’s opposition will proceed with a planned rally in Tehran despite the supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei warning the groups against holding protests. So one has to guess what blood shed will come next?

Reuters is reporting that "The demonstration plan has not been cancelled and accordingly it must be held this afternoon” defeated presidential candidate Mehdi Karroubi said.

It’s not known if Mousavi would attend the rally or how large the rally will be. Mousavi received a stern warning Saturday to now engage his his supporters to take to the streets, a day after khameni warned opposition leaders to end street protests or be help responsible for any bloodshed and chaos to come.

So let me get this right. If they protest and they kill them, then Mousavi is responsible for the deaths because they are protesting? Gotta love Islam I guess.

The warnings place Mousavi at a pivotal moment. He can either back done or risk a crushing response from police and the forces at Khamenei’s disposal. The powerful revolutionary Guard and their volunteer citizen militia, the basij.

This somehow reminds me of the brown shirts. Coming to America soon?

Hundreds of thousands of Mousavi supporters have flooded Tehran streets during several massive marches earlier this week that recall the scale of protests during the 1979 Islamic Revolution.

Since the June 12 election, Mousavi has become the figurehead for a broad collection of demonstrators — from the most liberal-leaning reformists to religious conservatives. Some could be prepared to take their protests to the limit, but many others have no interest in an all-out mutiny against the country’s Islamic system.

Only time will tell if this is some kind of of major revolution taking place in Iran or if this will just fade away after a week. I tend to think if bloodshed does in fact happen then you might see a revolution take place. I’ve been watching the Iran blogs and the young people (35 and younger) are not happy. They don’t believe a word of the election outcome and want public recounts.

Don’t get me wrong I think no matter what takes place Iran’s policy towards Israel I do not believe will change. What happens today might have major impacts on the future.

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