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Reza Pahlavi, the son of the late Shah of Iran, Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi, expressed his support for the post-election demonstrations in Teheran, calling for solidarity against the current Iranian regime and predicting its downfall.

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This man is the son of the butcher of Iran, the Shah was a brutal dictator who was propped up by the corrupt USA & their CIA. In 1953 there was a democratic to oust the Shah, they wanted a democratic government. The Shah had to flee but Britain & America put him back in power. It has always been about oil. The Brits use to control Iran’s oil with the Anglo-Iranian Oil company. In 1979 they ousted the Shah from power & instituted democracy.

In this past democratic election, Ahmadinejad won by 11 million votes. You can’t stuff 11 million ballots into ballot boxes, it just isn’t possible. I understand the frustration of those who didn’t vote for Ahmadinejad but they have to accept they lost. Unlike Bush at least Ahmadinejad won the popular vote.

andy – you’re right on much of what you said.
the shah’s regime was cruel, though perhaps not much crueler than many other regimes at the time. but when the revolution came, it was led by the middle class, then coopted by the clergy. what they have now is not much better (though yes, public involvement in public life and even human rights by their definition is quite commendable for a totalitarian state).
of course you can’t stuff 11 mil. votes, but the theory is nobody actually counted the ballots. the results were a foregone conclusion.
not only did ahm(i can never get the rest of it out right)thingo is not only unpopular amongst the populus, even a large percentage of the clerics are quite sick of him.
luckily, this is not a case of the west having to march in and impose mayhem as it did in iraq; democracy is in these peoples’ blood; they created a legal code when most of us were still up in trees, so you’re right on another point.
now, even the vatican has admitted over the years that separation of church and state is a good thing, especially when we realize that democracy and theocracy cannot BY DEFINITION go hand in hand. now, in the final summation, in recognition of the fact that there a magnifying glass would be needed to find a true democracy (maybe at best a mixture of oligarchy and consumerism) – i personally do not know which is better)and the ones we got are not doing all that great. still, if democracy is what these people want, it is what they deserve, and not something that to describe it as such, you need to rape a word .

I think historials unanimously agree that Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi (the former Shah) was a brutal and corrupt man who deserved to be removed from power.

I find it therefore HIGHLY unfitting and politically stupid for the US to push forward the Shah’s son as some kind of a “voice of Iran” or moral apostle. When the US gives media attention to the son of the Shah, this only supports the Mullahs in their contention that the UK and USA are meddling, and trying to overthrow them to re-install a “western-friendly” regime ! The Shah’s family should be relegated to the history books without delay and once and for all ! We as westerners must start to support those brave young people in Iran with a NEW political spirit, and show that we also despise the corruptness of past regimes !

Why should the US intervene when it did nothing when African leaders were killing their own people for opposing their dictatorships? Why did America stand by and watch their people get slaughtered?

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