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On Tuesday’s Today show, Miss California Carrie Prejean says her anti-same sex marriage answer on Sunday’s Miss USA competition cost her the crown.

“I knew at that moment, after I had answered the question, that I was not going to win because of my answer…” she said. “Because I have spoken from my heart, from my beliefs and for my God.”

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Thank you God! I thought everyone in america was afraid to have a voice if it was not like everyone else. I support Miss California 100%. She has more courage than 75% of america. We need to stand up for what we believe even if you stand alone. America better wake up because God is getting fed up.

My heart rejoices to see people stand up for Jesus. As it says in Mathew chapter 10 verse 32. If anyone declares publicly that he belongs to me. I will do the same for him before my father in heaven. But if anyone rejects me publilcy. I will reject him before my father in heaven. Christians it is time to stand up and quit waiting for someone else to do it first.

good job! it is good that there are some people like miss california to stand up for the word! very few people these days realize how splendid the word is and how god loves and sent his only true son for our life! i haven’t started being a good christian since about two- four weeks, but when i saw this story, i saw that people who choose god will show there love for the word and i just realize that i should to for the word and for god! thank you, miss california to show me that since you stood for god, i can to and i can stand for god, live by the word and know that i can still make a diferrence like you did and i know my work won’t be shameful! thank you!

Brian Tran

It’s seeing people standing up for what is right wonderful? God will use his own to effect his own.


I agree, seeing people in the public eye standing up for what is right is a wonderful thing. But keep in mind that even though most of us aren’t in front of a camera or known by millions around the world, we too can make a stand for what is right with our online and offline families and friends. Make a stand, be true to God as he is true to you!

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