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WASHINGTON (CNN) — President Obama sharpened his language on Iran and stressed the urgency of overhauling the health care system at his news conference Tuesday.

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This is a presidential event that a message sent that says we do not care about the people in Iran. This is not a civil rights protest. People and leaders are being tracked down and murdered in their homes; a traversty. People and leaders who leading peaceful protest and are beign gunned down with armer and water hoses off the streets. The militia is envading homes of Iran. This is different than ghandi peaceful protest act. This is a result from an election to bring a new order of democracy. People for a first time in history noticed change is good. When record numbers of people can come together on the same principal of electing an American president being denied a recount. How can we stand short and say we dont care and let it resolve itself.

Then again look at how divided this country is now.

It’s putting us at just about 50/50

I’m sorry but a house divided will soon fall. No way will America stay powerful when the country is divided.

I think at this point Americans need to support Israel and forget the evils taking place in Islam. At this point we can’t afford to mess around. One nuke is all it’s going to take from Iran and it’ll be world war three… I just don’t think it’s something we should mess with. Let’s do the fighting now while it’s not nuclear!

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