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Gun control caused the Holocaust

"Joe the Plumber," Tea Party icon turned congressional candidate links banning guns in Germany with the murder of six million Jews.

Joe the Plumber, the Republican congressional candidate formally known as Samuel Wurzelbacher, has put out a video in which he suggests that gun control laws were responsible for the Holocaust and genocide of six […]

Legal gun owner wears gun, guess what, Didn’t shoot anyone.

Are guns safe? Looks like this guy did just that. No one seems scared around him and honestly I think I would stand next to him because I would bet it would be the safest place to be.

So much for the idea of a gun owner carrying arms and being evil just because […]

Montana gun law challenges federal powers

A new Montana gun law puts the state at the forefront of a national bid to restore states’ rights by attacking up to a century of federal court decisions on Washington’s power.

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