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US air bombardment of Iranian sites on Syrian-Iraqi border – reprisal for Iran’s bid to attack US base in Iraq

“Multiple Iranian military sites” were struck by US warplanes early Monday, Feb. 3, , near Abu Kamal in Deir ez-Zour on the Syrian-Iraqi border. Reporting this, Syrian military spokesmen claimed that Syrian artillery positions were also hit and sustained casualties.

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Nasrallah: We’ll never recognize Israel

The leader of Lebanon’s Hizbullah vowed on Friday that his Shiite terror group will never recognize Israel and that no Arab state has the right to do so either.

Hassan Nasrallah spoke in a televised address to ceremonies marking Quds Day, an annual occasion created by Hizbullah’s ally Iran to show support for the […]

Putin: We have no reason to doubt Iran

Vladmir Putin on warned against the use of force or new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program, according to the Russian prime minister’s spokesperson Dmitry Peskov.

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FBI: Saddam told us he lied about having nukes to deter Iran

Saddam Hussein believed Iran was a significant threat to Iraq and left open the possibility that he had weapons of mass destruction rather than appear vulnerable, according to declassified FBI documents on interrogations of the former Iraqi leader.

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US warns Iraq of ‘difficult days’

US President Barack Obama says US troops have withdrawn from Iraq’s towns and cities on schedule, but he warned of "difficult days" ahead.

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Top US commander: Iran still supporting Iraq attacks

The top US military commander in Iraq said Tuesday that Iran still supported and trained terrorists who carry out attacks – mostly with mortars and sophisticated roadside bombs – inside Iraq.

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Car bomb in Iraq kills at least 27

A car bomb exploded in a crowded outdoor market in Kirkuk, Iraq on Tuesday, killing at least 27 people, police said, a deadly reminder of the challenges facing the Iraqi government even as it celebrated the withdrawal of US combat troops from cities. The attack stained what had otherwise been a festive day as Iraqis […]

Iraq Struck by a Wave of Bombings

BAGHDAD — At least seven bombs exploded around the country Thursday amid a uptick in violence as American troops prepare to withdraw from Iraqi cities on June 30.

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62 people killed in Baghdad blast

BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) — At least 62 people were killed and 150 wounded Wednesday when a bomb ripped through an outdoor market area in eastern Baghdad, an Interior Ministry official said.

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Rocket Attack on U.S. Base in Afghanistan Kills 2 Troops, Wounds 4 Americans

KABUL —  A rare rocket attack on the main U.S. base in Afghanistan early Sunday killed two U.S. troops and wounded six other Americans, including two civilians, officials said.

Bagram Air Base, which lies 25 miles northeast of Kabul, is surrounded by high mountains and long stretches of desert from which militants could fire rockets. […]