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Israel perturbed by Obama’s outreach to Mursi – against his word

US Deputy Secretary of State William Burns and Egyptian President Mohammed Mursi

Israeli government and military leaders were taken aback by the news of US President Barack Obama’s invitation to the new Egyptian president Mohammed Mursi to visit Washington in September – in breach of the president’s assurances to US Jewish leaders at the White […]

Obama to try and talk Netanyahu out of Iran strike after his advisers failed

After a high-ranking US delegation headed by White House National Security Adviser Tom Donilon failed in three days of tough talks (Feb.18-20) to dissuade Israeli leaders to back off plans for a military strike against Iran’s nuclear sites, the White House invited Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu for talks with President Barak Obama on March 5. […]

Joint US-Israel drill called off by Netanyahu, to Washington’s surprise

debkafile’s sources disclose exclusively that, contrary to recent reports published in Washington, Jerusalem – and this site too – it was Israel Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, not the Obama administration, who decided to call off the biggest ever joint US-Israeli military exercise Austere Challenge 12 scheduled for April 2012.

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Congress Ratifies Foreign style Obama Hitler coup

From the “your not going to like this, heck you won’t believe this” dept.

Aug. 2—With the fate of the U.S. republic hanging in the balance, 269 members of the House of Representatives, on Aug. 1, cast their votes for President Barack Obama’s copy of Adolf Hitler’s Enabling Act of 1933, thus ratifying a […]

Countdown to the Court Martial: TERRY LAKIN ACTION WEEK

More information by clicking here TERRY LAKIN ACTION WEEK – NOV 15-19

On December 14, Army officer LTC Terry Lakin will be appearing in a courtroom at Fort Meade, Maryland- for the court-martial he invited by disobeying military orders in pursuit of the truth about Obama’s Constitutional eligibility under Article II, Section 1, requiring the […]

Netanyahu to Obama: Jerusalem is not a settlement

PM says building in Jerusalem hasn’t affected the peace process in 40 years; Obama calls Israel’s East Jerusalem building plans ‘unhelpful’ to peace efforts.

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Obama Signs $600 Million Border Security Bill

The measure will pay for 1,000 extra border patrol agents and provide for the hiring of hundreds of new customs and immigration officials.

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New documents claim Obama is Indonesian citizen

In two separate Freedom of Information Act requests documents released by the State Department bolster evidence Barack Obama became a citizen of Indonesia in the late 1960s when they moved to the southeast Asian nation with his mother and stepfather.

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Elena Kagan name connected to Obama’s birth certificate scandal

When you thought you knew everything, here comes another big discovery by WND. Elena Kagan name is all over the cover up of Obama’s birth certificate scandal. Just when you thought it wouldn’t get much deeper, surprise it does…  Take a look at this story.

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Obama mama passport destroyed

State Dept. claims records gone for Stanley Ann Dunham prior to 1968

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