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In what looks like a lemur others will call it the “missing link” for evolution. I love the fact they try to use “small” changes to show proof for evolution however this is completely wrong. First things first. How old is it? As this very fact would throw the whole theory off. Plus it’s 95% complete. What’s missing? It would be very easy in my view to show this as just a type of lemur that died in the flood. It’s going to be one tough sell to show this as a 47 million old missing link.

They tell us it’s 47 million years old. Just how did they come up with that? Carbon dating? Doesn’t anyone know of the errors of dating a fossil with carbon dating? Just go Google search errors of carbon dating to learn about it.

I would say this is a type of lemur which died in the flood. It’s still a monkey and still in the lemur family. This isn’t a new kind. How funny is it they are so desperate for the missing link they will grab at anything.

How sad it is kids all over the world will read this and believe that the religion of evolution has finally been proven. Kids are being brainwashed in school and you can bet they will have this in science books around the world in no time at all. No independent study, just a biased claim from the evolution camp.

Links to the stories.
WSJ –Full story
Sky news – Full Story
Also featured on Drudge Report as “Eight Wonder of the World” (thanks Matt)

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