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This guy has no idea.  He says the court is trying to ban the word God from the Pledge of Allegiance.  I think that’s a great idea.  Lets bring back the original pledge of allegiance.  You know, the one that never mentioned god, the way it was written. "Under god" was only added in 1954.  He also states that evolution is tantamount to atheism. Because everyone knows that the study of how life changes over time and not believing in an imaginary being are the same thing.  What an idiot.


"No Idea?" I have studied evolution for 47 years, how long have you studied it? How many scientific papers have you written or even read? How much do you really know about God?. On what scientific basis to you know that God is imaginary? You don’t know. That is an assumption based on finite knowledge. You believe in an ever changing and confused theory which even many evolutionists don’t believe anymore but push the idea because they don’t want to abandon evolution. If they did, then the only other alternative would be creation and oh my we couldn’t have that could we?

Evolution is tantamount to atheism. Are you an atheist? Are you an evolutionist? How could anyone believe that everything happened naturally and believe God created all things?

Which"evolution" are you talking about anyway? Macro or micro? Micro evolution is indeed science, that is change within the kind. For example, two different type dogs can reproduce and produce a different type of dog, but this is a loss of information in the DNA. A long haired dog mates with a short haired dog and you get a medium haired dog. The off spring has lost the genetic information for long hair. This shouldn’t even be called "evolution" because the word evolution means to go from a lower form to a higher form and this isn’t the case here.

Macro evolution (evolving from one type of animal to another higher form) on the other hand would require adding information to DNA. This has never been observed. Positive mutations have never been observed and are only assumed.  There is no means to add information to DNA therefore, animals cannot evolve to a new higher animal. So, macro evolution is not science and it is not even a valid scientific theory because it is not observable, testable or falsifiable  which is science’s own standard for any scientific theory. Evolutionists "believe" macro evolution happens and they make up stories and drawings etc, regardless of the fact that they have not one iota of scientific evidence for it and so they, like the atheists, use faith in their reasoning, and a lot of it all the way through the so called evolutionary process.

By the way, "evolutionary process" is an oxymoron. Evolution is randomness with no intelligence involved and process is a well thought plan (with intelligence) to achieved a desired product.

The Bible says that animals were created in "kinds" and that they reproduce after their kind. What do we see in the world today? All animals in kinds reproducing after their own kind. If you try to artificially breed one kind of animal with another kind the off spring, if it lives, is always sterile and could not reproduce. Mules are often bred from donkeys and horses which are closely related and mules are always sterile. So, in the wild all animals stay in their kind.

Atheists use evolution to try and legitimize their own beliefs that there is no God.

Thanks for your comment,
Jack Heckathorne

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Hi there,

I’m sorry, but I, at least, am unconvinced. I also don’t believe that you have studied evolution for 47 years – though I will believe that you’ve criticized it for that long. Many of the things you assume about evolution are flat-out untrue. Frex: “. . .the word evolution means to go from a lower form to a higher form and this isn’t the case here.” That’s not what evolution (in the biological sense, at least) is. The survival of the fittest does not necessarily result in more highly evolved organisms succeeding. They only become more complex when they are more likely to succeed by becoming more complex. There are still many very successful organisms that are not ‘higher forms’ – blue green algae is pretty much the same as it’s been for the past several billion years. And it was a very early organism. Sharks and turtles have remained virtually unchanged for 100 million+ years.

Another common misunderstanding of what evolution involves: “Evolution is randomness with no intelligence involved. . .” Evolution is not randomness. It is survival of the fittest. There are ‘random’ mutations (though random isn’t really the right word), but the vast majority of mutations aren’t beneficial and are sometimes downright dangerous to the organism.

Also, you make a lot of assertions, but you don’t back them up. “Evolution is tantamount to atheism,” for example. A very articulate article from here: starts out “Anytime someone looks for proof, or disproof of God, through science, he will be disappointed.” And also says, “In our time, God is revealed to man through the Bible, and nowhere else.”

Seems like a bit of a contradiction. :). In any case, I doubt I’m any more convincing to you than you are to me. At the very least, it’s nice to read something as well written as what you wrote.

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