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I thought that your commentary on “Is Evolution Logical?–part 2” was awesome.
It is so great to know that there are creationists out there that are
standing up for what they believe in instead of hiding behind their religion.

Sandra Daniel

Jesus Rules! Have a Blessed Day!
RE: Is Evolution Logical? Part 2 “The Fossils” (link will open in a new window)

Jack Heckathorne’s Reply….

Dear Sandra,
Thank you for your comments and for visiting GJCN. Evolution is indeed the biggest hoax in history. It is really one of the many anti-Gospels. Many scientist don’t really believe in it but they rule out the possibility of God so they have no choice. We have a good creation book available which we can send to you at no charge postage paid upon your request.

Keep searching for truth.
Jack Heckathorne

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