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I see that your site continues on somewhat of a pro-Bush status? Maybe I haven’t read enough? Anyways… Don’t you think that the Bush administration is betraying Israel?

Bush is continuously trying to push this foolish “roadmap plan” that is, of course, to build a terrorist state on the covenant land of Israel out of Israel’s land!

We voted for Bush in the last elections and are probably not going to vote for him in the elections coming up. Bush continues on his anti-Israel stance.

His entire administration seems to have some kind of plan to weaken Israel. Maybe Bush doesn’t realize that what he is doing is wrong…. but still… he has to stop taking advantage of Israel!

Well, to make this short… this plan will not succeed. The Bible tells me so.

I hope to hear your input in this matter and maybe visit my site at I have a link to your site from ours.

Continue to pray that our president starts to understand the covenant land of Israel and that he understands that he will not succeed at splitting it up. Pray for his leadership of our country.

Thanks: Praise be to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!
Brandon Galindo

Jack Heckathorne’s Reply….

Dear Brandon, We try not to be too political because our site is more Bible based than political. However I realize that GW has not been totally right in things concerning Israel. Personally I believe that he is better than anyone on the left would be. I think his advisors are partly to blame as well. Jesus Christ controls history and we already know what the outcome will be. I believe that he is pro Israel but just don’t know exactly how to obtain peace. Of course no one else has either to this point. The anti Christ will make a false peace between the Arabs and Jews for a while but it will take the Lord himself to make a permanent peace.

Thanks for your comment.
Jack Heckathorne

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