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Hi. I’m Joe Starbuck, a retired Marine residing in Maryville, Tennessee.

You did it, Jack! You translated the word “repent” in a way that correlates with so many verses in Scripture, such that they cannot be counted accurately, but you hit the target in the bullseye Jack. Well done, and thank you!

I’ve been studying the power and function of the brain’s imagination, then subsequently Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, for over 25 years, and hit 2 scientific breakthroughs in the last 3 years.

The breakthrough’s, and all my other studies, lead to just 2 verses: “Guard the heart with all diligence, for out of it (the heart) are the issues of life,” and “If you believe in your heart, all things are possible to him that believes.”

Your translation of “repent,” changing the mind and changing the emotions, locks in the final building block upon which all our physiological and neurological functions operate.

Will keep you posted: I’m working on a project to establish Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Awareness training in the Armed Forces. All scientific research in the project have been founded on the verses you described, and the 2 above.

Again, thank you! Will begin reading more in this web site.

Joe Starbuck

Jack Heckathorne’s Reply….

Joe, Thanks for your kind words. Since you are a former Marine you may be interested to know that I learned a great deal of what I know from Lt. Colonel RB Thieme Jr. (WWII Army Air Corps), pastor of Berachah Church in Houston. He is a Hebrew and Greek authority and the church is largely made up of military people, medical people and law enforcement officers who desire an accurate and detailed study of the Bible without all the fluff.

I agree with your assessment of the brain. Your work sounds most interesting. If you should ever desire to write an article on your work we would invite you to send it to us so that we could post it on our site. Please keep in touch.

Jack Heckathorne

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