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A Bone Seal Engraved with the Name Shaul, from the Time of the First Temple, was Found in the IAA Excavations in the Walls Around Jerusalem National Park, in the City of David.

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The Ark of the Covenant has been found in Israel, along with the blood of Christ on the Mercy Seat, exactly the way Daniel said it would be done. The prophet Jeremiah stored it secretly away in 586 BC, 20 feet under where the cross would be put up, nearly 600 years later. As Daniel said His blood would go on the Mercy Seat.

Christ’s blood has only 23 chromosomes and one Y chromosome, meaning 24 all together, rather than the 46 that humans have. In other words, there was no human father of this person who shed His blood that was tested in Israel. Ron Wyatt found the blood and had it tested in Israel and the antichrist Jews have kept it secret all this time.

I have a link to the film by the archeologist Ron Wyatt who found the blood and the Ark on my page at:


Skip your website doesn’t follow the bible at all… The Ark has been hidden for a reason.

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