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Can we lose our salvation and a few other questions… – Oct 11, 2004

From: ******, Mark CONT (NSSFNL R7) [mailto:******] Sent: Monday, October 11, 2004 8:06 AM To: ‘’ Subject: Commentary Comment/Question

hi there my name is Mark

I do believe in eternal security. the question is based on something my wife believes


An appeasement to homosexuality? – Jan 2004

The way you have written third article and it’s ending sound very much like an appeasement to homosexuality. Jesus although not condemning says quite clearly go thy way and sin no more.


Commentary Comment/Question post – Jan 2004

Hallo Jack ! i am a newborn Christian…i got saved in the age of 37 which was in 1997. I came in the age of 32 to the USA from Germany. I was very lost and did not had a good marriage…even i came here for the love of my husband…but always thought i made […]

The age old question. How many sins are too many sins? – Jan 2004

I am forced to address you after reading your article if I may call it that. You are trying to make claim that it is absolute Biblical that “once saved always saved.” […]

Gary; regarding Paul – Feb. 2003

Fundamentalists like you are using Paul’s theology to rationalize sin instead of overcome it. Absurdities replace the common sense that Christ taught.