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Is Evolution Logical? Part One

Evolutionists claim that animals, plants and humans evolved gradually over millions of years and that certain features, such as the eye, evolved as time went along. Is this really even logical?

Lets look at the human body as a whole in a bit more detail and not just accept the word of some college professor who is paid to teach such things. First of all science has never proven that humans evolved. To the contrary. The more we advance in science the more we realize that all life forms come from information contained in DNA. DNA is a set of instructions on how to build a person to put it simply. Think of it as a computer program. Once the program is put into the computer it will do whatever it was designed to do. Nothing else. DNA is much the same except it is light years ahead and far more complicated than any computer program.

It will build whatever organism it was designed to build. Dogs are always dogs, roses are roses, people are people. There are different kinds of each of course and they can be crossbred within the kind. For example you can breed a greyhound and a collie and get a dog with features of both. What you cant get is a cat or a horse. Why? Because the DNA has no instructions on building a horse or a cat. In the case of mutated genes the same is true. A mutation might cause a cow to have an extra leg but it will never cause a cow to have feathers.

You can only get a scrambled version of the information which is already present. Mutations can not add anything new to DNA because the information is not available. Evolutionists call crossbreeding micro evolution and claim that micro evolution causes (somehow) Macro evolution which is the changing of one animal into an other animal. This goes against all scientific knowledge. This is the basis for the idea that features on an organism develop over time. This is flawed thinking to say the least. How could any organism reproduce over thousands of generations before the ability and the organs to reproduce evolved? Of course it could not have.

The ability to reproduce had to be present at the very beginning. The same could be said of the heart, stomach, lungs, nervous system, brain etc. No matter how primitive the organism was or how small its size, all of the vital organs had to exist at the very beginning.

No organ could survive on its own and no organism can survive without its many vital organs and systems. No part of an airplane will fly on its own. A wheel wont fly, a propeller wont fly, a wing wont fly, fuel wont fly.

To say that organs evolved as time went along is to say that a plane built itself while it was flying in the air. It could be said that an airplane is made up of non flying parts. Nothing works unless it all works. Anyone knows that every airplane was designed and built by an intelligence.

And we were designed and built in the beginning by an intelligence far greater than our own.